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About Us

We are a globally oriented team. Globalization means for us to know the worldwide supply markets and to work close together with leaders in technology and cost structures. Continuous integration in our customer's and supplier's business is very important for us. Therefore, we hold permanent representatives in our main supply markets.

The MTU Aero Engines operates in two principal segments: in OEM business - which includes spare parts for commercial and military engines and military MRO - and commercial MRO business. The organizational structure in purchasing is therefore developed according to this principals.

OEM business (Commercial and Military Engines business)

The purchasing for the segment "Commercial and Military Engines business" belongs to the technical resort and is in charge of the purchase of all engine components of the OEM business.

An integral part is the central purchasing for indirect material (goods and services) for MTU locations in Munich, Hannover and Berlin-Ludwigsfelde. The comprehensive purchasing portfolio of indirect materials can be viewed here.

Supplier management in OEM business is enforced by diverse customer's requirements.

MRO business (Commercial Engine Maintenance business)

The purchasing organization for the "Commercial Engine Maintenance business" belongs to the civil resort maintenance and is responsible for all procurement and logistics processes at MTU's maintenance locations in Hannover, Berlin-Ludwigsfelde, Vancouver (Canada), Zhuhai (China), and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Purchasing Portfolio

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